The Lisbon Collection

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The Lisbon Collection is the first launch of Daisy Notebooks.

The designs represent different aspects of Portuguese culture, and how Portuguese culture came to be. Blue tiles are everywhere in Lisbon and in the South. They represent tradition, they make me feel at home and they're so easy to recognise, wherever you are in the world. Piripiri represents a past, a colonial past that often times we're not willing to debate openly. Portuguese colonisers brought Piripiri from Mozambique and it became an integral part of our cuisine. Portugal has been shaped by many things, all of them good, some of them... Not so much.

I had never been that interested in my own culture, my traditions, my folklore. It seemed tacky to me, it seemed beneath me. Then, I moved to London.

I became an immigrant. Being an immigrant is lonely. All of sudden, all that is familiar is all that you value. I became a staunch fan of everything even remotely Portuguese. I beamed with pride at my culture. I critiqued it. I got emotional hearing people speaking my language on the tube, emotional at hearing the word 'Lisbon' and a fierce advocate for my people. Being an immigrant is not easy. I was constantly surrounded with hateful discourse about migrations, stealing jobs, being a freeloader, seeing migrants be treated as disposable things, to be used at need and deported when no longer necessary.

My country is a country of immigrants. The Portuguese diaspora is strong and proud. We've welcomed migrants from all over the world and told them to make our country home. That has not been the case for everyone. I want to support those who fight for me, for us, for you, for anyone who has been brave enough to leave everything behind and venture off to foreign lands with the aim to better their lives. That is why 10% of the sales of the Lisbon Collection will be going to Joint Council For The Welfare of Immigrants, a UK charity fighting every single day to better the lives of those that decided to try and better theirs.

With love,

Inês x

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