Reintroducing Ourselves

Hello. We hope you're doing ok. We missed you.

These past few months have been tough. The pandemic seems never ending and it feels like the world is on fire. It's hard to cultivate joy through that. After our initial launch, things lost a little steam. We lost our direction a bit, which is all a part of the small business journey. There were a few setbacks, bad investments and a massive loss of creativity. I got lost in social media metrics, the aesthetic of Instagram, networking and making things look good. For months, thinking about the next steps gave me full blown anxiety. This should be fun, not draining.

We had to rethink our strategy. We had to learn how to plan ahead. We had to listen to customer feedback. In trying to become everything to someone else, we lost what made us unique. After a lot of resting, thinking, getting inspired, we're back! Still Daisy, we've made a few changes.

We're investing in the content of our blog. I want you to be excited for all parts of Daisy. I want you to come onto our website and get something more than pretty notebooks - even though, we know, that our stuff is really cute. From tips on how to get organised to profiles from creatives we admire, we plan on bringing you fun content that you can enjoy alongside our products.

We're expanding our range! We're not longer sticking to stationery. We want to make products that bring colour and fun to people's lives. While we absolutely love paper products, we're going to be launching fun accessories: bandanas, scrunchies, hair pins, bags, etc. We want you to have a little bit of Daisy in every aspect of your life.

We are launching a point system. Our customers mean the world to us. Every single person that has purchased our products is supporting our little journey and we want to give some of that love back! So, from now on, every time you buy something from us, you get points! When you get enough points, you'll get some money to spend on our store. The more we grow, the more I want to be able to give back to you, with discounts, birthday coupons and giveaways.

Thank you for riding this out with us.

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