How To Nail Post-Summer Life

Ah, September. The month that brings us the end of Summer, shorter days and everything that tastes like whatever it is that is in pumpkin spice. September is one of my favourite months, even though with it comes that 'back to school' feeling that takes all of us over, even though we don't go to school anymore. Ever wondered how to prolong the carefree warmth that comes with Summer? At Daisy, we have a few ideas that could help.

Make the time to keep on enjoying the outdoors. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it's easy to want to cozy up in your sofa and not even think about venturing outside, but if there's sunlight you should be out there enjoying it. We need vitamin D year round and it's during the colder, darker months that it matters the most. Make an effort to go outside and make outdoor plans with friends for as long as the weather allows. Squeeze those last moments of warmth for all they're worth. You deserve it.

Buy fresh flowers. You would be surprised at the difference a bunch of colourful, bright flowers can make in your day and in your home. During my East London days, trawling through Columbia Road's Flower Market on Sunday Mornings was my favourite thing to do. The market bustle, the bright blooms, the friendly sellers, all made my day. It was an instant mood lifter and it scratched that itch for sunnier and warmer days.

Don't be afraid to go into work mode! The best way to nail your post Summer life is to plan ahead and not let yourself be overwhelmed by returning to work and to your daily routine. Start making lists of all the things you have to do, how your weeks are going to look like and what your goals will be before the end of the year. May we throw in a cheeky suggestion and recommend our new A5 desk planner for this. With space for your to do lists and a section that lets you set your priorities for the day, it will be your best friend in helping you get organised.

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