5 Ways To Stick To Your Goals Past January

Do you usually set New Years' goals? Or are you a 'New Year, Same Me' person? Regardless of your answer, the new year can be a great way to reassess your life and get motivated to implement some changes. However, we all know too well how easy to let go of that January momentum and forget our resolutions by the time February rolls around. So, here at Daisy, we thought you might use a few tips to make sure you stick to your goals even as we say goodbye to January.

Journal about your goals. Journaling is a really good way to understand why you're setting a specific goal. If your goals is to lose weight, why do you want to do that? Do you want to look better or do you want to be a bit healthier? Understanding our goals and how much they mean to us can help stick to them, and revisiting your intentions throughout the year as you journal can help recommit to them, even as the months go by. One of my goals this year was to begin journaling again, and I have been using our 'The One With The Blue' notebook to do so.

Create an action plan. Setting goals without a plan to get there is pointless! Telling yourself you are 'going to read more' without making a plan to create time to read, just means you will never make the time and your goal will go out the window quickly. Be specific with your goals. Instead of a general 'read more', try 'setting 30 minutes aside every day before bed to read' will prove to be more fruitful as it involves you to engage in a specific action to complete your goal.

Incorporate to-do lists and track your habits. You're only human. Besides your regular day-to-day activities, adding new tasks to your routine can take some getting used to. Write it down! Use to-do lists and create a way to track your habits to see how far you've come. At Daisy, we're launching A6 notepads to make your to-do lists more fun and help you stay on track!

Start small and admit defeat early. I know it sounds counterproductive, but accepting the fact that you are going to fail many times before you get it right can help you stay motivated. Creating a new habit or creating meaningful change doesn't happen overnight, it has to start small. And you will fail, many times. That's a part of the process! You just have to keep going. One step back doesn't mean you have to throw everything - it's just means you had step back. You can try again tomorrow.

Celebrate your wins! Change is hard. Sticking to it and staying motivated is even harder! Create mini-goals and celebrate when you reach them. Eat that cookie, take a long bath, light your best candle or buy yourself some flowers. It's important that you celebrate yourself as much as possible. Life is already hard enough as it is, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Sticking to your goals will be hard, but you can do it.

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