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I started Daisy in 2020. Like many, as the pandemic raged on, everything about my life was put into question, including my job and my career. Feeling really unfulfilled, I decided to focus on things that I love. That's how Daisy was born.

I've been obsessed with stationery for as long as I can remember. I was the kid that was more excited about buying the school supplies than actually going to school - but who wasn't? I created Daisy because I was looking for products that I didn't see in the market: bright, fun and colourful without being tacky or overdone. I wanted to create products that are meaningful and add joy to people's lives. I want you to look at our stationery and accessories with a smile, I want them to add colour to your day. 

At Daisy, we take our commitment to the planet seriously. Our paper products are responsibly sourced, preserving threatened rainforests. Our textiles accessories are dyed with water-based inks and we will always look for the most environmentally friendly alternative: from materials that take up less water, recyled fabrics, plastic free textiles, we don't want to add to the burden our planet is already carrying. 

We also plans our launches and our manufacturing to create the smallest carbon footprint possible, meaning we favour local suppliers, have a three step production chain and use biodegradable packaging. 

We believe that as society we move forward by looking out for each other, so 10% of all of our profits will be donated to charity. The causes we endorse will mirror the causes we care about and, hopefully, we can you make you care about them too.

We're glad to have you.