I've been obsessed with stationery for as long as I can remember. I can't even count how many notebooks I've written through. I've kept them all, because I feel like - even the work/schools ones - they hold a piece of your life, your memory and your journey. That's also why we're called Daisy. Daisy is my mum's name and this is a small way to honour her. 

At Daisy, we're committed to building a sustainable business and we plan on doing that by investing in sustainable packaging and never using paper that has been sourced from rainforests or threatened habitats. We are doing this by working with a small, locally run printer in Portugal, ensuring that we a transparent chain of production. 

I also believe that as society we move forward by looking out for each other, so with each collection we will be highlighting a different charity and donating 10% of our sales. The world needs to be better and we should all play our part in that. 


Inês x 

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